Have you heard about the new program called LIGHT?

LIGHT RALLY 2021 - 3rd Grade Bibles, 3 - yr old Cradle Roll 
LIGHT is Learning In God’s House Together. This will be taking place on Wednesdays September through May and will involve a meal, worship, and Christian Education.


To watch LIGHT 2020 Christmas Program - click here

Regular Schedule for Wednesdays:

Meal beginning at 5:00 5:50pm

Worship 6:00 6:30pm

Education 6:30 7:15pm

Volunteers ARE NEEDED: Grades 1 - 6

Please prayerfully consider helping make a difference in the lives of our young people. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the church office.

LIGHT Wish List 

There is a need for additional items to make the LIGHT successful. Please take one of the sticky notes on the board in the narthex of the church and return it to the table.

 Individual white boards

 Wet Wipes

 Scotch Tape

 Yarn

 Whiteboard markers

 ITunes Gift Card

 Paper sacks

 Popsicle sticks

 Cardboard Tubes

 Fabric scraps/Fabric squares

 Fabric markers

 $$$ to purchase chart paper

 Asst. Permanent Markers

 Construction paper

 Sticky Notes

 Old socks

 Clipboards