A Message from the Senior Pastor….

I’d like to personally welcome you to Trinity Lutheran Church and our
ministries. You will find the following message other places on our website,
but it bears repeating – Our purpose at Trinity Lutheran Church “is to multiply
and equip the children of God’s household.”  We take that job seriously.

In the book of John in the Bible we read about a woman who met Jesus at a
well.  Her encounter with the Lord was a life changing experience. 
When she left the Lord and returned to her people, she told them, “Come and see
a man who told me all that I ever did.  Can this be the Christ?”  

If navigating this website is your first encounter with this faith community, we 

have taken at least an initial step in reaching you. The next
step is the following invitation: Come and see! 


Come and see for yourself how the spirit of the living Christ is embodied in
what is going on here. Come and see how you can be a part. The next step will
be yours.

Those who choose to become a part of Trinity’s ministries can rely on being
nourished in this place. That nourishment includes opportunities to learn about
the Bible and faith and to be provided with opportunities to serve in God’s
mission. We are nourished together at worship as a community. Nourishment is
also provided to families and individuals in the important times of life like
marriage, baptism, and personal loss.

All of what happens in a church community is diminished if our members
finally do not feel empowered to undertake God’s work in the world. Empowerment
combines motivation and preparation to reach out with compassion to people a
needy world. We hope that compassion spreads out from us exponentially.

Come and See for yourself.  I hope to see you at worship as we join together for Christ’s
 mission in the world.

Pastor Kevin Frey