"Called to Serve - Gathered to Serve - Sent to Serve"

We each have gifts that can be shared with others.  The Stewardship Committee would like to help you find ways to share your talents.  Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey of your interests in sharing your talents at Trinity. 
Please check any of the following that you might consider volunteering to assist with. 
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Usher   Reader   Communion Assistant   
Acolyte   Greeter   
Trinity Celebration Band   Gospel Choir   Bell Choir   
Soloist   Instrumentalist   Accompanist   
Christian Education Teacher   Christian Education Helper      
Substitute Teacher   
Driving Members to Services -as needed   Deliver Bulletins/Tapes to Shut-ins   Food Pantry Volunteer Coordinator   
Food Pantry Volunteer   Giving Tree Gift Distributor   Meals on Wheels Driver   
Sunday Morning Coffee Server   Special Dinners Helper   Wednesday Night Dinner Helper   
Wednesday Night Dinner Cook   Donate Bars/Cookies for Wednesday Night Dinner   
Audio Visual Tech   Facebook Editor   WebSite Editor   
Office Volunteer   Stuff Bulletins & Bulk Mailings   
Knitter/Crocheter (Prayer Shawls)   Prayer Chain Team   
Funeral Food Coordinator   Serving Funerals   Funeral Food Donations   
Funeral Usher   
Painting   Trim Bushes   Seasonal Cleaning/Decorating   
Trade Skills (carpenter, plumber, etc)   Handy Person   Gardener   
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Have we forgotten something?
Do you have a talent you would like to share but unsure where it might be useful? We would be happy to talk with you about options that might be a good fit. Please indicate a good time/day of the week to contact you
Perhaps you are uncertain about what the options noted entail. We would be happy to clarify for you. Please indicate a good time/day of the week to contact you.
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