Youth Group

  • Mission work around America and abroad
    • Fund raising 
      • Chicken Dinner
      • Script Sales
      • Christmas Cookie Walk
  • Assisting with local needs, leaf raking, child care, etc
  • Serving LIGHT meals during Lent


If you enjoy the company of the young people, have fundraising ideas, wish to accompany them on a Mission Trip, or just want to help fund their work, you can volunteer to support the Youth Group.

Photo Gallery


This past year our youth had the opportunity to use their time, talents, and gifts during our mission trip to Nashville, TN, to build relationships with kids and community members in the inner city. It was great to see the kids step out of their comfort zone, enjoy the everyday gifts God provides, and build long-lasting relationships. It is so encouraging to see our youth here at Trinity Lutheran Church blossom into our leaders of the future. We have truly been blessed and have tried to share God’s love in so many ways.

Volunteer with us!

Help us Share God’s Word, Shine God’s Light and Spread God’s Love.